NW 65th Street Clean Up — Thank You Volunteers!

THANK YOU to all the volunteers who turned out for the NW 65th Street Clean Up this morning! We collected 5 bags of trash, mostly cigarette butts, which is a HUGE improvement over last years clean up.

Thank You to Gretchen Spath, neighbor and owner of Cafe Bambino, for “fueling” our volunteers with free coffee.

Thank You to Justin Taft, owner of The Ridgeback Cafe, for allowing us to dispose of the trash in his waste bins.

Thank You to Catherine Weatbrook, Seattle City Council District 6 Candidate, for joining us today.

And finally… Thank You to Liza White, neighbor and owner of Four Legged Friends, for adopting NW 65th as part of the City of Seattle‘s Adopt-A-Street program.

We look forward to the next clean up!

collage 11

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