Emergency Preparedness — Join Seattle’s First Hub-a-thon Event!

This month, the Seattle Emergency Neighbor Link map makes its on-line debut. If you are part of the SNAP list*, you will automatically receive a link to this website.  Then, on April 17-18, Seattle Emergency Management will host the first-ever Seattle “Hub-a-thon!”

*sign up for the SNAP list at: http://www.seattle.gov/lists/eocsnap.htm

What is a Hub-a-thon?
It’s a virtual meet-up of neighborhood coordinators who have organized their group for safety and disaster preparedness. Neighbors connect themselves via the new Seattle Emergency NeighborLink map.

What is the Seattle Emergency Neighbor Link map?
An interactive Google map where you can connect with other neighborhood coordinators directly and see who else has organized around you.

Why Seattle Emergency Neighbor Link?
If you’ve ever wondered who else has formed a neighborhood group around safety or disaster preparedness, there has never been a way to easily locate or contact others. But now with NeighborLink, there is!

For more information, go http://seattleemergencyhubs.org

Learn more about Emergency HUBS here:  http://www.seattle.gov/emergency-management/working-together/community-emergency-hubs

Hub graphic

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