Child care center coming to 516 NW 56th Street

Great News Neighbors!  The West Woodland Gospel Hall, formerly used by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, will be turned into a childcare center.

Land Use Application to allow a change of use an existing church building to Child Care Center (3,825 sq. ft.). Project includes new covered porch, play area and access ramp. Parking for four vehicles to be provided.

City of Seattle Notice of Application: King County Parcel Viewer 2.0 - Google Chrome 7102015 104611 AM

3 thoughts on “Child care center coming to 516 NW 56th Street

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    • Thank you so much Anne! The community is very excited for the opening of Woodland Hall Preschool. Love the name too! It’s a wonderful way to honor the building & neighborhood’s historic past.

      I just shared the good news about the wait-list being open with the neighbors. Expect to see emails soon!



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