School Funding Discussion – Wednesday, August 19

1598477-1402588663-640x360The Seattle Times reported that the Washington State Supreme Court will fine the state $100,000 a day for inadequate funding of our public schools.  So what does this mean for our local schools?  Join your neighbors this Wednesday, August 19 at 7:00 PM, at the Phinney Neighborhood Center, lower/ brick building, as the 36th District Democrats take on the topic.

Guests include, State Representative Reuven Carlyle and Eden Mack, Legislative Chair for Seattle Council PTSA.  Mack will be on hand to discuss K-12 education issues in Washington state and Seattle Public Schools.

Topics to be discussed are:

(1) The Washington State Supreme Court’s order fining the state $100K/day until the state fully funds education and the possible actions the legislature may take in response,
(2) What does it mean to “fully fund” education,
(3) How can the legislature reduce the reliance on local levies,
(4) The role of the Seattle Council PTSA,
(5) The Council’s advocacy and legislative priorities and their progress on these priorities,
(6) The capacity challenges facing Seattle Public Schools.

The West Woodland Neighborhood is split between TWO Washington State Legislative Districts (see map below).  All neighbors are welcome to attend this meeting to learn more about this issue.  To find your Legislative District, please visit:

district map

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