Got Greens?

Soulumination is counting down the days to their big wreath making event at the end of this month.  If you have access to greens that can be donated to help create 300 gorgeous handmade holiday wreaths, please let them know. They are looking for quality, lush specialty greens in 18”-24” cuts.

greensTypes of Greens: Hinoki Cypress, Noble Fir, Juniper, Yew, Pine, Variegated Holly, Holly with Berries, Magnolia, Incense Cedar, Sequoia, Red Wood, Eucalyptus, Privet Greens, Camellia Greens,Pine, Douglas Fir, Cedar. And specialty items including dried flowers, seed pods and bird nests.

They are hoping to raise over $13,000 from wreath sales this year.  The number of families Soulumination serves is rising rapidly and they are determined to fund much of their work thru the wreath sales.  Learn more about the Soulumination’s mission HERE.

Soulumination’s 10th Annual Artist’s Sale

Invite your friends and family to Soulumination’s 10th Annual Artist Sale happening on Saturday, December 5 & 6.  Over 35 local artists will be selling handmade items at this event and a percentage of every sale benefits Soulumination’s mission!   For more information, and a full list of artists, please visit:


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