Tips To Avoid Package Theft

ms-packagethief-1215-inside-largen 2As online sales have soared, so have package thefts. Home security cameras have captured criminals snatching gifts off front porches at an alarming rate in the West Woodland Neighborhood and across Seattle.

These “Porch Pirates” can follow delivery trucks, watching for prime targets and commonly strike during working hours when most homeowners are away.  Here are tips to help you avoid being targeted by package stealing scumbags:

  1. For Amazon, try out their Amazon Locker service.
  2. With FedEx and UPS, you can opt to have a package in route delivered to a different address, during a more convenient time or held at a store or sort facility.
  3. You can ship to FedEx, UPS and USPS outlets. Just use their address. These locations will hold the package for you.
  4. Ship it to work. Of course, check with your manager first.
  5. Retailers such as Target, Walmart, Best Buy and others offer in store pickup and it is usually free.
  6. Take advantage of delivery alerts so you can be notified when a package arrives at your home.

Of course the BEST way to avoid package theft is to SHOP LOCAL first!  You buy it at a local shop and it goes home with you the same day.  No worries. More of the money you spend in the neighborhood, stays in the neighborhood!

SHOP LOCAL West Woodland!

4 thoughts on “Tips To Avoid Package Theft

  1. Thanks. This is helpful information. I’ve tried to use the Amazon Locker a few times now, but every time I try, Amazon tells me the package is too big for the locker site. Has anyone found an Amazon Locker site in Ballard that takes large packages? The one I tried was Urbana at Market and 15th.

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    • I just checked the Amazon Locker website and the largest item that can be shipped to a locker must have a product dimensions smaller than 16.5 x 13.8 x 12.6 inches and have a shipping weight that is less than 10 lbs.

      The last time I ordered a large box, I had it delivered by FedEx to the FedEx retail location on Market. They called me when it arrived and I picked it up over the weekend. Might be a good alternative.


  2. Another option I’ve used is Sip n Ship in Greenwood and Ballard – even without having a box, you can arrange to have a package delivered to you there for a modest fee. Helpful when you aren’t sure what shipper will be used, package too big for Amazon locker, etc. See “let us receive your package” here:


    • I do LOVE the Sip & Ship. Great customer service, awesome coffee & treats too! If you are down near Fremont’s Ross park, the Ross Park Convenience store is now a UPS drop. Love that so many businesses are helping neighbors stop theft. Thanks for the reminder Dan!


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