Cafe Bambino Supports Ballard Boys & Girls Club

We just received word from Cafe Bambino, that after a recount of the donations, a total of $646.25 was raised to benefit the Ballard Boys & Girls Club!

12346319_1649667185299564_3015335464791554928_nOriginal Post:  On Sunday, December 13, 2015, Cafe Bambino, located at 405 NW 65th Street in the West Woodland Neighborhood of Ballard, hosted “A Shot with Santa” fundraising event to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Ballard.

This was the eighth year Cafe Bambino has hosted A Shot With Santa and each year they collect donations for a new local charity or non-profit.

Cafe Bambino is pleased to announce that this year’s event raised a total of $538.75, double what was raised in 2014.

THANK YOU to Cafe Bambino for hosting A Shot With Santa.  Cafe Bambino is the heart of the NW 65th business district and a wonderful neighbor.  We are grateful to Gretchen and Andhi Spath, as well as their amazing team of baristas for organizing this family friendly annual event!

Additional photos from today’s event available HERE.  

Here’s a short clip of Santa arriving at Cafe Bambino.

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