Public Comment: Marijuana Activity

Notice received December 31, 2015 via email from Thomas Whittemore, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.

Notice Date: 12/21/2015

On December 15, 2015 the Council’s Planning Land Use and Sustainability (PLUS) Committee considered amendments to Council Bill 118580.  Council Bill 118580 would establish new development standards for Major Marijuana Activity, which includes the production, processing or selling of marijuana or marijuana infused products.  These amendments would add to or modify development standards proposed in the introduced bill. Generally, the proposed amendments would:

  • Reduce proposed buffers from sensitive land uses from 500 feet to 250 feet or, alternatively, increase proposed buffers to 1000 feet;
  • Make findings in support of potential buffer reductions;
  • Add a definition for “Marijuana Concentrates;”
  • Clarify the regulatory status of Major Marijuana Activity located in the General Industrial 1 zone;
  • Reduce dispersion requirements between Major Marijuana Activity that includes retail sales from 500 feet to 350 feet;
  • Allow one Major Marijuana Activity that includes retail sales in the Pioneer Square Preservation District and one Major Marijuana Activity that includes retail sales in the Ballard Avenue Landmark District;
  • Modify effectiveness provisions of the bill to make it effective immediately upon signature by the Mayor; and
  • Correct typographical errors, make non-substantive changes, and make clarifications for ease of code administration.

Based upon public comments and Council deliberations, the amendment or amendments ultimately adopted, if any, may be different than the amendments summarized above. The amendments adopted may be combined in a new Council Bill.


Written comments may be submitted at any time until the final Council vote on the legislation.  However, the Council prefers to receive written comments by 12:00 p.m. on January 8, 2016 to allow for review by the Council prior to a Full Council vote.  Council will discuss and vote on the PLUS recommendation no earlier than January 11, 2016.  Please send comments to or


Committee Chair Mike O’Brien
Seattle City Council
Planning Land Use and Sustainability Committee
P.O. Box 34025
Seattle, WA 98124-4025


The Council Bill and supporting documents can be obtained from:  Please reference Council Bill 118580 in the Record No. field.  Additional information is available through the Department of Planning and Development’s website: .

Questions regarding the proposal or amendments may be directed to David Mendoza of the Mayor’s Office of Policy and Innovation at (206) 386.1256,, or Ketil Freeman of the Council Central Staff at (206) 684.8178,

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