What a difference a year makes.

About one year ago, I saw a yellow notice posted at 802 NW 57th Street, alerting neighbors that change was coming.  Built in 1941, this home was erected during Seattle’s war years; when production line work at employers like Boeing shifted into high gear. Just like the widgets rolling off the factory floor, the home at this address was far from unique. In Ballard there are quite possibly hundreds of these little bricks in the neighborhood, but it looks similar to my home so I took note.

2015-01-12 802 NW 57th St

802 NW 57th Street, January 2015

The 1,320 square foot home, with two bedrooms and one bathroom, sat on a typical single-family lot, and sold to PNW Homes L.L.C. for $580,000 in January 2015 according to King County records.

The developer, Blueprint Capital which is based in West Seattle, provided conceptual drawings online for the public to view.  The old house would come down, and at first it looked like one new home would be built, but after reviewing permits filed with the City of Seattle, I found that two homes were planned.

The new homes would each be 2,941 square feet, and include their own garage.  The available drawings showed a home design that looked very traditional – with an angled roof line and shingle siding.

PicMonkey Collage

802 NW 57th Street, middle photo from May 2015

Fast forward to January 2016, and here’s what the corner looks like today.  Surprising that you can fit that much home onto one lot!  The builder was able to construct two homes with exteriors in visual agreement with the neighborhood.  While there are a whole host of items neighbors might be concerned about, including reduction of sunlight due to the new homes height, I would consider appearance a win for the neighborhood.

508 nw 57th street - 01 21 2016

800 & 802 NW 57th Street, January 2016

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