Meet Swizy – Big Drill Going Down Under

King County is replacing the existing Fremont Siphon with a new crossing under the Lake Washington Ship Canal and you’re invited to “Meet Swizy” the drill that will create this new tunnel under the Ship Canal.  At this event you’ll be able to see Swizy up-close & help decorate the drill before it goes down under.

Date:  Tuesday, Feb. 16
Time:  11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Location:  Fremont Trail Park , 2nd Ave NW and NW Canal Street

meet swizy

About this project

King County is replacing the Fremont Siphon, a major sewer pipe running under the Ship Canal between Fremont and Queen Anne. The new siphon will be located west of the existing siphon to reduce project risks and impacts to the community. Construction has already begun and will continue until early 2017. The old siphon will be retained by King County for use by the Wastewater Treatment Division as necessary.

fremont 1

Why do we need this project?

The Fremont Siphon has provided safe, reliable sewer service to north Seattle – including the West Woodland neighborhood– and portions of north King County for decades.  The existing Siphon is nearly 100 years old and has reached the end of its of service life. The new pipes will ensure north Seattle and northern King County continue to enjoy safe, reliable sewer service for decades.

fremont 2

Fremont Siphon Tunnel, 1913, courtesy Seattle Municipal Archives

Additional project information

Learn more about this project by visiting the King County Wastewater Fremont Siphon project page.

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