New Trees Coming to 8th Ave NW

In November 2015, a neighbor contacted me regarding several trees that had been removed near the corner of 8th Ave NW and NW 47th Street.  The building at this corner, 4700 9th Ave NW, had just become a second location for Fremont Brewing.  The post caught the attention of Sara Nelson, Co-Founder of Fremont Brewing, and after a quick email exchange we spoke by phone.

Sara shared that the City of Seattle granted a permit to remove 11 trees that were either dead or dying, raising the sidewalk, and/or sending up shoots in the planting strip and Fremont Brewing was in the process of choosing replacement trees and would forward the new landscape plan once approved by the city.

8th and 47th

Corner of 8th and 47th before tree removal courtesy Google maps.

Today, I received an email from Sara that included Fremont Brewing’s landscape plan. The replacement trees were selected from Seattle Department of Transportation’s list of approved trees and were chosen because of their gorgeous foliage, interesting bark, and elegant structure. When mature, several of the trees will be over 40 feet tall.  Fremont Brewing’s plan is to purchase already-large trees to ensure they won’t be stolen and will have a quicker canopy effect on the streetscape.

The plan below shows that Fremont Brewing will be replacing the 11 original tree with 17 new ones.  The tree list shows one of my favorites, Pacific Sunset Maple, will be planted in spots identified as 1-4 & 17.  Pacific Sunset Maple, closely related to the Norwegian Sunset Maple which is heavily planted in Ballard, is known for it’s great fall foliage and hardiness. I am excited to see the corner once the plan is complete.

Sara closed by reaffirming Fremont Brewing’s commitment to sustainability and being a good neighbor.  You can read more about their commitment HERE.   If you have questions about the landscape plan, please email them to:

FREMONT Landscape Plan

Landscape plan provided by Fremont Brewing.

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