Washington State Democratic Party Caucus

cacus 2The Washington State Democratic Party caucus is held on March 26th at 10 AM. It will be Washington state Democrats’ opportunity to make their voices heard on who should be our next President.

Anyone who will be 18 by November 8, 2016 and affirms they are a Democrat on Caucus Day is eligible to participate.

Not sure where to go for the Washington State Democratic Caucus?  Visit the link below and be sure to have a printer ready, so you can print your check-in form.  Caucus location finder: https://www.demcaucus.com/register

Can’t make the event, but would still like to participate?  There’s a form for that and you can find it HERE.

For additional information please visit:  http://www.wa-democrats.org/page/2016-democratic-caucuses

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