Share your feedback: Light Rail to Ballard!

At their Thursday, March 24, board meeting, Sound Transit forwarded an ST3 draft plan for public review.  The plan builds upon the growing Sound Transit system by investing in rail and bus rapid transit services that will move people fast and reliably throughout the region, regardless of weather or traffic.

The interactive system map is now available online, along with the online feedback survey. Please take time to review the map and then record your opinions through the short online survey.  The survey will be open for 30-days, and all West Woodland, Ballard neighbors are encouraged to share their feedback.

Access Survey HERE.

Highlights of the draft plan:

  • Completing the light rail spine from Tacoma to Everett
  • New Eastside light rail connections from Bellevue/Overlake to Downtown Redmond and from Bellevue to Issaquah
  • New light rail service to growing urban neighborhoods of Ballard and West Seattle
  • Early project delivery, including new Bus Rapid Transit on I-405 and SR-522/NE 145th street shoulder running
  • Improvements to Sounder South stations to serve longer trains to carry more passengers and extending the line from Tacoma to DuPont

Concerns about the draft plan:

  • Timeline:  25 years to bring Light Rail to Ballard.  This is 5 years after it’s arrival in West Seattle, when the Ballard extension has nearly three times the forecasted ridership.
  • No Ballard to UW Extension:  Currently listed as ‘Future investment study’ only.  This extension needs to be a part of ST3.

This map below shows the projects contained in the ST3 draft plan that the Sound Transit Board released on March 24, 2016. You can read the full project list and see a static copy of the draft plan system map in the document library. For additional updates and plan documents, please visit: .

Remember… you’ll be voting on this come Fall 2016.  Be an informed voter.


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