Viaduct or Tunnel for Ballard?

Is this what we want 15th & Market to look like?  Sound Transit is hoping to replicate the Angle Lake Light Rail Station design right here in Ballard.  Catherine Weatbrook, a member of the Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth, recently made the trip down to Angle Lake and shared several photos of the station Sound Transit would like to duplicate.

catherine weatbrook collage

Angle Lake Light Rail Station, Seatac, WA.  Photos courtesy Catherine Weatbrook.

Angle Lake Station is located at South 200 Street & 28th Avenue South in the City of Seatac, WA.  Vacant lots, low rise buildings, massive suburban style surface parking, and wide roadways are the norm.  There is little to no current development at this location and any future development can be built in context of this station.  

Ballard is different.  Today, our neighborhood is much more like Capitol Hill, and less like the sleepy little suburban stop it once was.  The Ballard Station location is part of our neighborhood’s urban core and will be fully developed with high-rise residential and commercial buildings long before the first light rail ground breaking ceremony happens in NW Seattle.


Angle Lake Light Rail Station, Seatac, WA.  Photo courtesy SounderBruce.

The Tunnel Alternative:

Below is the recommendation created by the Northwest Seattle Coalition for Sound Transit 3.  A subway tunnel provides increased service reliability for commuters because it doesn’t have to interact with traffic.  A tunnel also eliminates the need for a movable, or very tall bridge, and most importantly, a subway tunnel is compatibility with a future Ballard-UW line. Imagine a subway stop at 8th Ave NW & Market Street. We want this!

Get Involved:

Whether you are pro-tunnel or prefer an elevated ride, make sure you attend the Ballard ST3 Open House at Ballard High School on Tuesday, April 19th from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM. Additional event information available HERE.

About the Coalition:

Northwest Coalition for Sound Transit 3 consists of eleven Northwest Seattle industry, business, and neighborhood organizations and individuals that advocate strongly for the reliability of a new Ship Canal tunnel over competing drawbridge proposals.  Interested in learning more?  Get on the mailing list!  Send an email to:



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