Old Stove Brewing Coming to Ballard?

Update available here: https://westwoodlandballard.com/2016/05/30/update-activity-at-615-nw-65th-street/

Original Post:

In December 2015 we announced the sale of the Nick Family Property, consisting of two parcels located at 607 & 615 NW 65th Street, to Western Front Properties L.L.C. The property sold for $1,320,000 and included a total of 4,250 square feet, most of which fronts NW 65th Street.  See property records HERE.

Nick Property

Western Front Properties L.L.C. is registered to Chris Moore of Queen Anne and Brian Stan of Ballard.  In April 2016, the pair opened Old Stove Brewing in Pike Place Market. Old Stove’s production facility is housed one floor below their taproom, but next year the whole business – taproom & production – will move into the new Market Front expansion building just west of Pike Place Market.

So what’s planned for NW 65th Street?  The lot is zoned “NC2P-30” which translates to: Neighborhood Commercial 2, Pedestrian Designation Zone, 30 feet height limit.  You can review the full City of Seattle document here.

The owners anticipate using the property for their personal business – no housing – and building to the full 30 feet height limit allowed.  Can we expect to see a brewery production facility & taproom open?  Maybe, but that’s not confirmed.  I did reach out to Moore for comment and have not received a response.

The owners may also be interested in creating a beer store, where Old Stove brews would be on tap and neighbors could grab a case to go. The sky is the limit for this lot… err actually 30 feet is the limit, but regardless, we are excited to see the lot developed.

When can we expect to see construction started?  The owners first need to move their brewery and taproom to the new Market Front location before shifting their attention to NW 65th Street.  The Market Front expansion will be completed in late 2016 with an opening celebration in Spring of 2017.  Of course, when it comes to Seattle real estate a lot can change in 12 months.  Once permits are pulled, I will post an update here.

Until then… West Woodland will wait.






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