Car Prowls: Ballard’s a Hot Neighborhood

According to police data, Ballard South (that’s us West Woodland, as well as everyone else south of NW 65th Street) ranks 10th in number of car prowls among Seattle’s neighborhoods, behind Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, and Ballard North, to name a few.

The top 10 Seattle neighborhoods for car prowls are:

  1. Queen Anne
  2. Downtown commercial
  3. Capitol Hill
  4. Northgate
  5. Roosevelt/Ravenna
  6. SLU/Cascade
  7. Ballard, north
  8. Belltown
  9. University
  10. Ballard, south

Are you surprised Ballard North & South are listed in the top 10?

The Seattle Police Department also shared tips to help prevent car prowls. Read all of their parking tips here.  According to the police, if your car is broken into, you should file a report by calling the non-emergency number at 206-625-5011, or file one online at:

spd 01

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