Picnics In The Precinct: Reserve Your Booth Now!


The Seattle Police Department holds “Picnics In The Precinct” every year to provide an opportunity for the business and residential communities in each of Seattle’s five precincts to come together and enjoy a day of celebration with their local police. They are great opportunities for people to be introduced to the department in a relaxed, non-law enforcement environment, meet their local police officers, enjoy free food, entertainment and raffle prizes, and get information on how to get involved in preventing crime in their community.

The Picnics include booths hosted by groups and agencies that engage in crime prevention activities, and/or provide services in the community. Please contact us at the email address or number above to reserve a booth now.  There is no charge for hosting a booth.

Date:  Saturday, July 9, 2016
Time:  11am to 4pm
Location:  Ballard Seafood FestCommons Park, 5701 22nd Ave NW

To Reserve A Booth:  

If you would like to host an informational booth at one of our Precinct Community Picnics this year, please contact Diane Pilon at Diane.Pilon@Seattle.gov or 206-386-1996.

There is no charge for hosting a booth.

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