Light Rail To Ballard By 2035

Yesterday, Sound Transit said they found $4 billion in extra bonding capacity, and would deliver light rail to Ballard in 2035, three years sooner than planned.

“Across the region we heard vocal support for completing projects sooner,” said Sound Transit Board Chair and King County Executive Dow Constantine. “Speeding up these light rail expansions will give riders earlier relief from our region’s ever-worsening congestion.”

Under proposed changes, the ST3 plan slated for voter consideration in November would build a total of 62 miles of light rail with stations serving 37 additional areas. Improvements outlined at yesterday’s meeting would speed up most of the extensions by two to five years.

Improvements for Ballard Include:

  1. Light Rail to Ballard by 2035, three years sooner than planned.
  2. Downtown to Ballard will be entirely grade-separated, elevated in the middle of 15th Ave. Cars and trains will not be interacting. Better for everyone!

A desired “Tunnel To Ballard” proposal is still in consideration. The price tag to build has moved from $600 million to $400 million needed to construct light rail access under the ship canal into Ballard’s core.

The Sound Transit Board is scheduled to vote on proposed updated projects and timelines at a special meeting June 2. The Board is scheduled to adopt completed language of the plan on June 23 to meet election submission deadlines.

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