Ballard Natural Drainage Project

ballard drainage

Out of the neighborhood, but good to know about!  Ballard Natural Drainage Project happening in the Loyal Heights Neighborhood of Ballard.

Seattle Public Utilities’ Ballard Natural Drainage Systems project crew has started constructing the modular soil cells for the natural drainage systems. In the next two weeks, crews will be installing these facilities in several locations along Northwest 75th Street, Northwest 77th Street, 19th Avenue Northwest and 17th Avenue Northwest. Modular soil cells’ design helps manage stormwater and includes sidewalk space for pedestrians.

The crews will also be installing concrete sidewalks along portions of those blocks.

Anticipated impacts include:

  • Temporary sidewalk closures.
  • Temporary traffic lane closures.
  • Constructions materials and equipment in street.
  • Increased construction traffic, noise, dirt and vibrations.
  • Parking restrictions during work hours.


Please forward these updates to others who may be interested in the project. We always encourage people to sign up directly at:

Grace Manzano, Project Manager, (206) 233-1534 or

Robert Case, Resident Engineer, (206) 512-7044 or

Or visit the project website at

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