Update: Activity at 615 NW 65th Street

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UPDATE: 615 NW 65th Street

You may have seen a burst of activity at the old Nick Property on the corner of 7th Ave NW & NW 65th Street. I popped over and said hello to the crew last week and they shared a bit more about their short range plans.

We know the lot is not slated for development anytime soon. The current owners are busy with their new business, Old Stove Brewing Company in the Pike Place Market. They are moving their brewery to the new Market Front Building early next year. More Info:http://pikeplacemarket.org/marketfront

In the interim, they have planted a couple rows of sunflowers, are building a horse shoe pit, a BBQ and picnic table have been seen on the lot. Expect to see a lawn mower out there too! Two thumbs up! All this activity is good for the neighborhood.

The shed is a temporary structure, used to house items needed for the upkeep of the lot. The real building is a closely held secret, being designed by local architects from BjarkoSerra Architects, 7001 3rd Ave NW. Check out some of their creations here: http://bjarkoserra.com/

The neighborhood is excited to see what the future holds for this vacant lot. It’s a prime piece of property in our historic business district and impacts the look/ feel of our whole neighborhood.

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