Fremont Brewing’s Ballard Location Home To First Portable Bioenergy Plant in the U.S.

Impact Bioenergy, a Seattle start-up focused on distributed energy with its portable, prefabricated anaerobic digestion technology, deployed its first microdigester in April 2016 at Fremont Brewing Company, 4700 9th Avenue NW, in the West Woodland neighborhood of Ballard.

Fremont brewing 03

A Chevy Volt plug-in electric vehicle receiving an electrical recharge from the digester at Fremont Brewing.

Dubbed the HORSE (High-solids Organic-waste Recycling System with Electrical Output), the unit is a living system that converts food waste into renewable energy and organic fertilizer with zero waste.  It is a hyperlocal solution that builds resilient energy and food systems.  HORSE units are ideal for campuses, communities, resorts, islands, and similar localized networks and can be used to build and store energy for emergency management plans as well.

The unit at Fremont Brewing Company will serve the brewery and surrounding commercial restaurants and grocers.  This is great news for West Woodland, Ballard neighbors and businesses, especially New Seasons Market which will be opening Fall 2017 one block away at 907 Ballard Way.

Fremont Brewing 02

HORSE unit in foreground.  Future New Seasons Market will be located across the street at 907 Ballard Way (location of brick building).

According to Bio-Mass Magazine, the installation at the Fremont Brewery Company was made possible through a grant from the City of Seattle to do a one-year demonstration project of nonresidential onsite organics recycling. Impact Bioenergy is first demonstrating the brewery waste and then the plan is to bring in restaurant waste within the 12-month time period.

You can learn more about this exciting technology by visiting Impact Bioengery at:

Photos courtesy Impact Bioenergy.


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