Ballard’s Building Boom Keeping You Up?

construction worker against a white background

If you live in Ballard, you’re no stranger to construction noise. Know your rights regarding quiet hours, sound levels, and more. Here are three “Go-To” web pages provided by the City of Seattle that you need to bookmark.

1. Seattle’s Construction Noise Code: Provide general guidelines for when a builder can be engaged in construction activities.  Access Here:

2. Permit & Management Plans: These plans may provide special/ more restrictive noise control requirements for the builder. Please note, not all builders require one. Access Here:

3. Seattle Property Building & Activity Map: This is the BEST way to find out what’s happening in your neighborhood. The interactive map includes registered rentals, construction permits, and complaints.  Access Here:


You can contact Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections online or via phone. Full resource available here:

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