Sewage Overflow – Not Your New Neighbors Fault

SewersThe discussion about density & growth hit a new low this week, with some north-end neighborhood news blogs blaming Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) on new construction & new residents.

It’s a dirty topic with a nice name – Combined Sewer Overflow. Seattle Public Utilities describes it as, “When heavy rains exceed the capacity of Seattle’s century-old drainage system, raw sewage gets dumped into our rivers, lakes and Puget Sound.”

I can’t make this up folks… there is an actual movement in Wallingford, suggesting that they have reached the perfect poop point. That’s right. They believe that new homeowners are to blame for the sewage overflows that happen during heavy rainfalls.
“No new residents… they’re polluting our waterways!”

Wait… what? Do people really believe this…err…crap?

In an effort to support the dissemination of accurate information, below are several links that explain why we have sewage overflows in Seattle. BTW… it’s not new construction or new residents.  It’s heavy rains, and storm water run-off.
Take the time to review the information & don’t get caught up in the north-end NIMBY crap trap.

Real-Time Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO):

Sewage Overflow Prevention:
Storm Water Management:


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