Seattle Public Utilities: Working In West Woodland Neighborhood

SPU tapWondering what that Seattle Public Utilities crew on your block is up to? SPU shared that crews will be around Ballard neighborhoods for the next few months, “cleaning and inspecting sewer pipes”.  This may lead to discolored water for some residents.  SPU recommends that if you do experience discolored water, run your faucet on cold for 2 minutes–it should clear up. If discoloration persists, you can call 206-386-1800 and someone will investigate.

Here’s the full announcement from SPU:

Dear Neighbors,

Over the next few months, Seattle Public Utilities will be cleaning and inspecting sewer pipes in your area. This work helps reduce sewer overflows and identify locations that need repairs or additional maintenance. Homes and businesses will continue to receive normal sewer services, but you can expect temporary lane closures/parking restrictions, utility trucks and noise. Work will take place Monday-Friday, 7am-4pm, with crews in one location for no more than 2 hours.

Crews will use water from fire hydrants to clean the pipes. Using fire hydrants can cause temporarily discolored water. When this happens the water is still safe. However, the water may be unappealing, so we recommend running the water for two minutes before drinking. You can find more information on discolored water HERE.

Ellen Pepin
Sr. Public Relations Specialist
Seattle Public Utilities


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