Gilman Playground Play Area Renovation Update

Barrier gates have been dropped of at Gilman Playground, 923 NW 54th Street, in preparation for the long anticipated play area renovation.  Portions of the park will be closed starting Monday, September 5 as part of the renovation plan.  Work is expected to take approximately four months to complete.

Gilman Playground Renovation updates available here:

During construction, the Gilman Playground basketball court and surrounding area will be closed; however, the comfort station, central walkway, stairs and sports fields will remain open.

The play area renovation project will replace the play equipment, provide access improvements and install new park furnishings. Thank you to everyone who attended the public meetings and provided input on the improvements.

The Seattle Park District provides $400,000 in funding for planning, design and construction.  If you have questions about this project, please contact Katie Bang via phone,  (206) 684-9286 or by email,


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