Paint & Hide: New Treasure Hunt To Try!

NW Seattle Rocks

There’s a new treasure hunt happening in NW Seattle that makes hiding just as much fun as finding!  NW Seattle Rocks ( combines art & nature.  Encouraging neighbors to get out and explore Seattle’s parks, trails & more!

Get Started… It’s easy as 1-2-3!

1. Gather a few rocks, paint, brushes, and then decorate your rock! It is suggested that you seal your paint job, makes them a bit more weather resistant.
2. Write instructions on the bottom of the rock that tell the finder which Facebook group to post a photo to once it’s found.
3. Hide your rock! Popular #Ballard locations include Gilman PlaygroundRoss Park, and Kirke Park.

You can also post a photo of the rock on the page after it’s hidden, giving clues to the location. The pictures and tips make it easier for the little ones to find these special surprises!

One thought on “Paint & Hide: New Treasure Hunt To Try!

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