Include Your Business! 2017 West Woodland Neighborhood Business Directory

Attention All West Woodland Neighborhood Business Owners!

We are in the process of creating the 2017 West Woodland Neighborhood Business Directory and want to make sure your business is included. Listing in the Business Directory is FREE!  Click HERE to include your business in the 2017 Directory.

Not sure if your business is eligible?  Check below!  If you meet one of the requirements listed, you’re in!


Option #1:  

Your business (internet, food truck, physical retail, etc.) is located within the West Woodland Neighborhood.

Option #2:

You live in the West Woodland Neighborhood, but your business is located somewhere else.

Check The Map:

If you’re having trouble seeing street names and other identifying features, click on the map to enlarge.  The original map is also available on the Seattle City Clerk’s Geographic Indexing Atlas website:

Interested in volunteering?  

Please email us at if you are interested in volunteering.  This project is powered 100% by volunteers.  Businesses do not pay to be included in the directory, nor do they pay for the advertising presented.  It is all FREE!  We put the directory together each year because we believe that a strong neighborhood includes a strong small business community.

Submit an advertisement!

Include an advertisement for FREE!  EMail your high quality .jpg or .png file to Please note, there is no guarantee that your advertisements will be included in the directory. Inclusion is dependent on quality of graphic, and available space.  See size/ pixel requirements below.

Half page:
Inches:  4.75 (width) x 3.8 (height)

Quarter page:
Inches:  4.75 (width) x 1.9 (height)

Have a question?

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

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