A clean sweep: West Woodland alley cleanup gathers garbage, and community involvement

file-sep-08-7-15-09-pmA group of determined neighbors, nicknamed the 48-49 Alley Cats, tackled a festering garbage problem that had been growing behind their homes.  There are just a handful of alleyways in the West Woodland neighborhood, including the alley running behind the homes facing NW 48th and 49th Streets, between 6th and 8th Avenues NW.  

During August, a total of 25 neighbors put in over 70 hours of their free time to clean the unpaved alley, which had become over grown, littered, and unsafe. The cleanup was in response to recent incidents of car and motorcycle vandalism and other illegal activities.

Alleys often become extensions of neighbors yards, acting as launch pads for batting practice, races, and more.  The residents love their alley and are working with the city on ways to protect it as a safe space to play.  

Congratulation to the 48-49 Alley Cats on a successful alley clean-up.  You all did an amazing job!  If you’re interested in joining the next clean up, please email Julene Schmalz at julene.schmalz@gmail.com.  

Below is a slideshow of photos showing the alley and the piles of garbage collected. Thank you to West Woodland Neighbor Mel Rie for providing the photos and story details.

If you have a news tip, please drop us an email at westwoodlandneighbors@gmail.com.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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