Proposed New Residential Construction Project: 6416 15th Ave NW

You heard it here first!  Back in August, we told you that the property owner of 6416 15th Ave NW had applied for a zoning change, asking the city to allow up to a 65 foot building height on this parcel, which is an increase of 25 feet.  Current zoning allows a maximum height of 40 feet.

6416 15th Ave NW is located in the northwestern corner of West Woodland, Ballard, and is home to el camion‘s brick & mortar restaurant (see “A” on map below).  This Ballard favorite started as a single food truck and now you can find el camion in north Seattle, SODO, and near the new StudioWorks Ballard building at 15th Ave NW and Market Street (see “B” on map below).


The proposal provides much needed detail regarding the future of this lot.  The owners are interested in building retail and housing on this parcel, which will go a long way to helping house Seattle’s ever growing population.  From the Land Use announcement:

“Design Review Early Design Guidance application proposing a 6-story building with approx. 79 apartment units, 0 to 3 live-work units, 3,220 sq. ft. of commercial space and parking for 31-36 vehicles. Existing structure to be demolished. A contract rezone from NC3P-40 to NC3P-65 is part of the application.”

Public Meeting:

An upcoming public meeting on Sept. 19, 2016. Click HERE for full details.

Full Design Proposal:

View full proposal, detailed information and renderings:  6416-15th-ave-nw-proposed-new-residential-construction


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