Weekend Windstorm Does Damage, Not Apocalypse

While this weekend’s storm didn’t break any records, the heavy rains and modest wind speeds did cause damage in the neighborhood.  The West Woodland Weather Station clocked a top wind gust of 22 MPH on Saturday, October 15 which was 6 MPH slower than the previous day. For full historical data access weather station HERE.

The rain and wind that were spawned by Typhoon Songda did leave one downed tree – and power outage – at 9th Ave NW and NW 61st Street, as well as broken tree limbs scattered across the neighborhood.


Tree down at 920 NW 61st Street.  Photo courtesy Katie.

“Note that the Honey Bucket WAS occupied when the tree fell – and the guy had to squeeze out,” said neighbor Katie.

This was the only power outage in the West Woodland neighborhood according to the Seattle City Light outage site.  Below is another angle of the same downed tree.  Check out how close the massive limb came to falling on top of the Honey Bucket and occupant.


Closer view of fallen tree at 920 NW 61st Street.  Photo courtesy Katie.

Do you have photos of storm damage at your home or from your block?  Send them to us at westwoodlandneighbors@gmail.com.

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