WeCount Sox Box: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Need Socks? There’s a box for that! Applying a familiar concept to address clean clothing insecurity, WeCount Sock Box is a grassroots solution to provide immediate relief to those in need.

Whether someone has the need for clean warm socks, or a need to give, the sky blue WeCount Sock Box makes it easy for neighbor to help neighbor. Drop a pair of new or gently used socks into the box, and those in need have immediate access to clean, dry clothing.

The box pictured below is located in Old Ballard, right in front of C. Don Filer Insurance, 5451 Ballard Ave NW. This is another great way we can support each other and build community.

Learn more about WeCount:
Web: https://www.wecount.org
Facebook: @WeCount
Sock Box map: https://goo.gl/VXS2pn


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