New Seasons Market Construction Happening Soon


Good Bye Old DSHS Building, Hello New Seasons Market!

This morning the following Land Use Information Bulletin was posted to the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections website for 951 NW BALLARD WAY, future home of New Seasons Market:

“Land Use Application to allow a 25,000 sq. ft. retail building (grocery store). Surface parking for 74 vehicles will be provided. Demolition of existing structure is being reviewed under project 3022094. Project to be considered with project 3022094 for shared lighting, access, and parking.”

See full public announcement here:

Cue up the wrecking ball. This is an exciting time for the West Woodland neighborhood. The building on this parcel, most recently home to Trupanion, has sat vacant since early 2016. It will be exciting to see progress and construction activity at the location.

Also, the address next door (907 NW BALLARD WAY) is part of this redevelopment and you can review the full public announcement here:

Learn more about New Seasons Market:

Review past announcements regarding this address:

  1.  Sale Announcement:
  2. Tenant Announcement:


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