Seattle’s Door to Door Sellers License Requirement

Message from Crime Prevention Coordinator Mary Amberg of the Seattle Police Department.·

Hello North Precinct community members,

I wanted to send out some information that was given to me by the RCCP (Regulatory Control and Consumer Protection Division) in regards to residential sales licenses. Please see my attached PDF (door-to-door-sellers). All door to door sellers should have a visible license provided by the City of Seattle.

A few key tips when someone knocks on your door day or night:

1.  Always answer the door (Don’t open it).
2.  Get a good look at the person either through a peep hole or a side window.
3.  If someone is selling something ask to see their license.
4.  To find out if their license is valid you can call the general number for RCCP at 206-684-8484 or Ron Halas directly at 206-233-0050.
5.  If someone is aggressive or something just feels off you can always call 911.

Thank you,

Mary Amberg
Seattle Police Department
Crime Prevention Coordinator

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