Best Holiday Lights in Ballard’s West Woodland Neighborhood

There’s nothing like a stunning display of Christmas and holiday lights to evoke childhood memories. Treat the kids to some electric cheer this season, enjoy a walk around the West Woodland neighborhood at night.

One of the best routes for holiday lights is 6th Ave NW, you’ll get plenty of “ooh” and “ahh” along this road. Residents do a great job of of creating classic Christmas displays, brightening the darkest December nights.  You’ll see Old Saint Nick in the same yard as Christmas Pig and Frosty the Snowman.  Don’t forget to look up too, some of my favorite light moments are on the roof top.

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One address you don’t want to miss is 5630 6th Ave NW, which includes an interactive ‘Simon Says’ light show that allows visitors to control the homes lights with a few taps of their smartphones.  A sign near the front steps provides users with access information, linking them to two games – Simon Says and piano mode. Both games were fun for the kids in our group.


Is there a home in the neighborhood that goes above and beyond with holiday lights?  Let us know!  Post below or email

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