Bake Sale To Support NAACP Exceeds Expectations

ballard-west-woodland-naacp-bake-sale-2017-02-12-10-55-32Pictured above Stephanie Barnes Kloster and Roxanne Baechler-Gill.

Stephanie Barnes Kloster spent the last week baking, hanging posters, and collecting baked good donations in preparation for today’s Bake Sale for the Seattle King County NAACP.

The bake sale was a result of Barnes Kloster wanting to show her support for human rights, but finding it difficult to join local rallies and marches due to the demands of being a new Mom. Instead of watching events unfold on television, Barnes Kloster decided to take action where she could, at her home in Ballard’s West Woodland neighborhood.

Using word of mouth and social networks, Barnes Kloster began promoting the Bake Sale event and donations started pouring in.  Fifteen West Woodland neighbors donated baked goods, while countless more neighbors donated their time.

Her goal for today’s event was to raise $300 for the Seattle King County NAACP, and she more that tripled that amount. “I just got home from the bake sale and it was an incredible experience… between cash donations and online donations we raised $942”, shared Barnes Kloster.

“We couldn’t have done it without all of the people who baked and volunteered. Thank you to everyone who donated treats, and special thanks to volunteers Matthew Kloster, Roxanne Baechler-Gill, Maggie Hood Bromberg, Oscar Baechler, and Megan Lynch. Thanks also to hosts Patrick Tippy and Amanda Brown for the use of their yard, to Amy Goldstein for designing the flyers, and Sue Pierce for helping publicize the event.”

Barnes Kloster shared that she is planning to do another bake sale in the spring, this time to support the ACLU.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Barnes Kloster at

Author’s Note:  Thank You Stephanie!  You truly have made a difference and we appreciate you!

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