Litter Be Gone! Clean Sweep On NW 65th Street Bags Trash And Treasure

Litter be gone!

Wearing protective gloves and armed with plastic bags, volunteers collected over 100 pounds of trash scattered along five blocks of NW 65th Street, between 3rd Ave NW and 8th Ave NW, in Ballard’s West Woodland neighborhood on Sunday morning.

There were about 25 volunteers, including a large contingent from the Seattle Clean Street Collective, which sponsored the event in partnership with several local businesses and the West Woodland, Ballard neighborhood group.

A couple notable neighbors attended too.  District 6 Councilmember Mike O’Brien and Department of Neighborhoods Coordinator Thomas Whittemore came prepared with gloves and gear to help with our effort.  Thank you both, it was a pleasure to meet you!


What did we find?  A lot of cigarette butts (again) near Molly Maguires Pub.  Neighbors also complained of large amounts of trash near 501 NW 65th Street, more commonly known as the Woo Property.  One corner of this complex is occupied by a private gym, but the west-side sits empty and continues to decay.

Neighbors also found a discarded rain barrel, chunk of a car, aperitif glass (surprisingly not broken or chipped!), an unopened can of Bud Light, a wine rack, beach ball, and more. NW 65th Street never disappoints!


Special thanks to our event sponsors for their generous donations of coffee, cocoa, and gift certificates, which were awarded to participates based on oddest item collected, largest item collected, longest commute to attend event, and more.

List of event sponsors:

  • Cafe Bambino for providing a coffee or cocoa to all participants.
  • Stock Cafe for their generous donation of two $25 gift certificates.
  • The Sneakery for their generous donation of one $25 gift certificate.
  • 418 Public House for their generous donation of one $30 gift certificate.
  • Liza White, owner of Four Legged Friends, event co-host.

Special thank you to Seattle Clean Street Collective for providing all our cleaning supplies and donuts.  We appreciate the extra effort your team took to sort trash and recyclables so they could be disposed of correctly.

Thank you!

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