List Your Business On The New Visit Ballard Website

Message to all Ballard business owners from Visit Ballard – a new initiative of the Ballard Chamber of Commerce, dba Ballard Alliance, that will provide a one-stop resource for everything Ballard. Please send questions to Visit Ballard via email:

“We are nearing the completion of our new website and the launch of our brand Visit Ballard. The Visit Ballard website will be the go-to resource for things to do and services in Ballard. Help us promote our amazing Ballard businesses by adding yours to the site. It is a simple and painless process. Just follow the link in the button below and input your business information.

Please provide a photo that exemplifies the essence of your business and attracts customers to you.  If you had to set your business apart from your competitors, what high-quality photo would capture your potential customer’s/client’s attention? Please do not submit logos.

You may select multiple categories that apply to your business. For instance, if you are a veterinary clinic that provides dog grooming services, you would click both categories. This will ensure you show up in the appropriate search engine results. We would like to launch our site showcasing as many Ballard businesses as possible so please don’t hesitate. However, once the site launches you will have the opportunity to submit. Feel free to share this with your neighbors!  If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Anndrea Dohring at 206-784-9705 extension 2.


*Please Note: This form is being used “pre-launch” only. Once the website is officially launched, a more formalized “Submit a Business” page will be included within*”

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