SDOT Survey: Sidewalks On Your Block

Most of Ballard’s West Woodland neighborhood has fully functional sidewalks, but there are blocks where sidewalks are in disrepair, unusable, or have completely disappeared. Trees have done some of the damage, and heavy industrial vehicles have done even more.


The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is working to prioritize the sidewalk repair process so that it is efficient, fair, and proactive.  The survey is short, it only takes about seven minutes to complete, and will provide SDOT with valuable data as they continue their mapping program.

The survey includes an opportunity for neighbors to rank sidewalk repair work and provides a dialogue box where you can share suggestions on areas you believe SDOT should prioritize.  You will also find an explanation of terms used by the department, including:

  • Incomplete sidewalks
  • Sidewalk Uplift, Cracking, Settling
  • Sidewalk Width
  • Obstructions that reduce the sidewalk width, including vegetation
  • Vertical Barriers that prohibit access from one section of a sidewalk to another

From SDOT:

“Existing sidewalk qualities could affect access to mobility for many people. Maintaining a pedestrian clear zone is important to creating a connected, accessible pedestrian network.”

Click here to access the survey and help improve pedestrian access in our neighborhood!

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