West Woodland Real Estate: 1913 vs. 2017

It’ll cost you a pretty penny to get into Ballard’s once blue collar neighborhoods.

The Seattle Times shared a post today highlighting the increased cost of homes in Seattle neighborhoods.  Data shows that $1,000,000 residences are becoming the norm.  So how did Ballard fare?  The share of million dollar homes is 10.6% in 2017.

ST - Million Dollar Homes 2017

Flash Back To 1913

How times have changed. While scrolling through The Seattle Times archives, I came across several advertisements announcing homes for sale in the West Woodland District. “For $26 a month” one proclaimed, and another, “Just $100 down”.  Any of the homes shown below look familiar?  Let us know if you live in one!

ST - 09 28 1913 - West Woodland Homes.jpg

Advertisement from The Seattle Times archives, dated September 1913.

I was able to located an advertisement for the home at 6508 4th Ave NW.  For $2,700 you could have purchased this “five room, modern cottage” in October 1913.  Redfin estimates this home is currently worth $529,170 (as of August 18, 2017).

I wish I had a bag of cash and a time machine.

ST - HOMES - 10 1913 - 6508 4th Ave NW

6508 4th Ave NW

6508 4th Ave NW



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