Now Available: Three Design Choices For 412 NW 65th Street

It’s been a long time coming, We’ve known since 2015 that a new building was being planned for the NE corner of 5th Ave NW and NW 65th Street.

The original design, see, lacked a large retail space, which meant the loss of any future pub or restaurant at this location. Working with S+H Works, we were able to influence the design and as a result our neighborhood will have space for a restaurant, or other small/medium sized business, in the same location as the current building.

The owners/ developer are open to feedback, and have provided us with three plans that they are seeking feedback on. This is a great opportunity for neighbors to influence the look and feel of a building that most of us will see every day.

See design choices here:

Other documents related to this project:

(1) Design review meeting information:
(2) Sale & Development Announcement (2016):
(3) History of this building, courtesy Vintage West Woodland – Ballard

412 418 NW 65th Street -Ballard West Woodland

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