New On NW 65th Street: Liz Taylor Mural

Ballard West Woodland Elizabeth Taylor 2017-09-15 08.35.04

New Mural: 500 NW 65th Street

Over the last several weeks, I have watched a mural of Elizabeth Taylor take shape on the east side of the building that is home to StockSlave to the Needle, and The Tin Hat.

I caught up with one of the artists, Aaron Bell (Facebook: @aaronbelltattoofriends), and he shared a bit about the composition.

From Aaron:

Aaron Bell

Photo of Aaron Bell and mural.

“The driving force behind the project was Cheyenne Randall. I painted the tattoos on Elizabeth Taylor, and fellow tattoo artist Elijah Cole painted the Seatown tattoo.”

“My wife Melissa approached Cheyenne about doing the project for us. We didn’t give him a whole lot of specific direction and just let him run with it.”

“The imagery consists of classic tattoo design sources such as swallows, roses, and snakes, and Liz Taylor we felt conveyed luxury, as our shop (Slave To The Needle) is known for quality. I like how the moon gives it a sense of enchantment and gives a nod to the divine feminine and is balanced out with the snakes, symbols of masculinity.”

Aaron also shared that he has received positive feedback regarding the project. No surprise, the mural is amazing! I love the old Hollywood design, thoughtfully blended with artistic tattoos. It truly enhances West Woodland’s Historic NW 65th Business District.

Thank you Cheyenne, Aaron, and Elijah! Great addition to our neighborhood!

Learn more about Cheyenne Randall:

Photo of Aaron Bell courtesy, Aaron Bell Tattoo Friends Page.

Ballard West Woodland Elizabeth Taylor 2017-09-15 08.34.23


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