Ballard School Flooded By Sewage

Saint Alphonsus - Ballard - October 13 2017

Preschool flooded with sewage

Friday, October 13, 2017 will not easily be forgotten by the parents, students, and teachers at Saint Alphonsus Parish School in Ballard’s West Woodland neighborhood. Families arrived to find that one of their classroom spaces had been flooded overnight with Seattle’s slop.

Sludge oozed from beneath the preschool classroom door. A bay of windows running along the east-side of the space was foggy with condensation. An odor greeted those who moved closer to the classroom, confirming suspicion that something was not right.

From the Principal, Matt Eisenhauer:

“Overnight, the room had been flooded with back-up from the sewer system, that covered the floor, wall to wall, in the closets, restrooms, electrical closet and all. We contacted the city of Seattle, and they have three large trucks out on 58th street clearing out the sewage lines that run under the road.”

The classroom will be out of commission until the affected area is cleaned, repaired, inspected and approved for use. When school opens on Monday, students will report to the auditorium.

For those who use the NW 58th Street Greenway, please be aware of the additional traffic, big trucks, and workers on the roadway.

Saint Alphonsus Church & School are located at 5816 NW 15th Street in Ballard’s West Woodland neighborhood.  Learn more:

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