Long Time Ballard Business Has Closed

2018-02-11 13.07.17

On February 13 we told you about the closure of Atrium Shade Company, located at 824 NW 46th Street in Ballard’s West Woodland neighborhood.

A simple sign located in the front window announced that they were closed until further notice. I reached out to Atrium Shade via email to find out if this was seasonal closure or permanent, and here’s the companies response:

“Unfortunately, it appears to be permanent.

 If you have any shade inquiries, please contact Penthouse Drapery and see if they can help.  They also sell shades (not exterior), their phone number is (206) 292-8336

 For awnings, please contact Tony at Canvas Supply here in Ballard and the number is (206) 784-0711.”

According to the companies website, Atrium Shade began producing shade systems for commercial atriums and skylights in 1987, and later began manufacturing roller shades. The website also shows that the company employed 15 full-time employees.  No word on what has happened to these people.

Several buildings near Atrium Shade’s 12,000 sq. ft. facility are for sale, including the building Skills Inc. recently vacated at 800 NW 49th Street.  Photo below shows three parcels currently for sale, and is courtesy LoopNet.  Atrium Shade is the building just west of 800 NW 49th Street.

Buildings for sale Ballard West Woodland

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