Fourth Annual Rollerskating for Cheetahs Fundraiser

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Remember Joris Hutchison, the amazing young boy who won a $5,000 prize and donated it all to support cheetah research, ( Joris, and his Mom, Corine Boekee, invite you to join them for some Earth Day rollerskating fun!

This event is a fundraiser for cheetah conservation efforts in Namibia, and 100% of proceeds will be used for human-carnivore conflict mitigation efforts by the N/a’an ku sê team.

Here’s more from his Mom, Carine.

Dear neighbors,

Most of you already know that Joris (who just turned 11) has been dedicated to help save cheetahs from going extinct since he was 6 years old.

We are holding the annual Rollerskating for Cheetahs fundraiser this year on Earth Day, April 22 and you (and your friends and family) are of course invited again to come join!

Time: 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Location: Southgate Roller Rink, 9646 17th Ave SW
Price: $15 per person

We’ll also have food, drinks and a raffle or auction (if you or your business would be interested in donating contributions for this, please let me know, the organization has 501c3 non-profit status)

It’s been a busy year for Joris. He decided he wanted to focus more on outreach and raising awareness, while still doing the occasional fundraising. You can now follow his efforts online:
kids4cheetahs on Instagram
kids4cheetahs on Facebook

Beyond an online presence, being selected for the Gloria Barron Prize in 2017 has also allowed him to raise awareness through tv and magazine interviews (he’ll be featured in the upcoming Time for Kids issue), a full-school presentation at assembly, and his efforts will be featured in a kids’ book coming out in December! He is also forming a partnership with the conservation department at the zoo here, which is exciting.

Thank you for your support! If you can’t make it out to the event, sharing and inviting others who might be interested in going would really help Joris out, because success is dependent on people actually showing up.

Thank you!

Spring Clean 2018

Ballard West Woodland Spring Clean

Spring is here! And with it comes Spring Clean, a community cleanup program supported by Seattle Public Utilities.

Spring Clean, now in its 32nd year, runs from April 1 through May 31. During this time, Seattle residents—neighbors, volunteer groups, community organizations—come together to keep Seattle clean and vibrant. Activities include picking up litter, stenciling storm drains to prevent water pollution, painting out graffiti, and removing invasive plants. Seattle Public Utilities supports volunteers by providing free tools like garbage bags, gloves, garbage grabbers, safety vests, paint supplies, and waste disposal.

Ready to join? Then gather your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors, or go solo—there’s no minimum or maximum group size. Register online or call (206) 233-7187.

Spring Clean is a partnership between Seattle residents and Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, and Seattle Department of Transportation. All Spring Clean projects must be conducted on public property.

If you snap any photos, tag us on Twitter and Facebook!

Reprint from Seattle Public Utilities, dated March 26, 2018, and available here.


The Story Behind Those Beautiful Blooms On 8th Ave NW

Over the weekend, the West Woodland, Ballard Blog received a message:

“…do you know the story behind all the daffodils on 8th Avenue?”

Spring has sprung and several blocks of the 8th Ave NW median, just north of NW 65th Street, are awash in bright yellow daffodils.  It is a stunning scene for those of us who live in the neighborhood, but there is a profound story behind those beautiful blooms.

Ballard West Woodland 2018-03-19 11.20.19-1

I remember hearing the reason many years ago, but didn’t have the details, so I turned to The Seattle Times archive for an answer.

Below is a screenshot of an article dated October 18, 1993 that explains why the flowers were planted.  You can read the full story, by Seattle Times columnist Diedtra Henderson, online at,

Ballard West Woodland 8th Ave NW Daffodil 02

Screenshot of story courtesy The Seattle Times

Ballard neighbors asked to help decide how the city spends $3M

Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks & Streets

Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks & Streets is a participatory budgeting initiative in which Seattle residents democratically decide how to spend a portion of the City’s budget on small-scale park and street improvements. A total of $3 million has been allocated in the 2018 budget and residents can participate in the district where they live, work, go to school, receive services, or volunteer.

You can get involved by attending one of the project development meetings happening throughout the city. These meetings are simply conversations with neighbors about submitted project ideas in your community. Participants will discuss the projects in small groups and then individually score ideas based on physical need and community benefit.

Share your opinion and help Seattle Department of Neighborhoods identify the strongest ideas for park and street improvements.


Date: THURSDAY, MARCH 15, 2018
Time: 5:30 – 7:30PM
Location: Ballard Branch Library, 5614 22nd Ave NW

Event Details:


These are the ideas that will be considered during the 2018 Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks and Street Development Process,


Information about the “Your Voice, Your Choice” program can be found online at,

Ballard West Woodland Your Voice Your Choice

Screenshot of Project Idea Map

City of Seattle seeks two community members to serve on Seattle Renters’ Commission

SEATTLE Renters Commission 02SEATTLE (March 12, 2018) – The Seattle Renters’ Commission (SRC) is seeking two community members to serve on the SRC. Established by ordinance (125280) in March 2017, the SRC advises the City on policies and issues of interest to renters citywide.

The Commission is composed of 15 members – six appointed by City Council, six appointed by the Mayor, and one position is filled by a young adult through the Get Engaged program. The final two commissioners are selected by the SRC, and these are the open positions.

The SRC consists of people living in an array of rental housing types, to include students, low-income renters, LGBTQ renters, people with past felony convictions, people in subsidized housing, and those who have experienced homelessness. The members are also geographically representative of Seattle. SRC meetings are open to the public, and the commissioners serve without compensation.

Those interested in being considered should complete the online application by Monday, April 12 by 5 p.m. If you cannot submit the application online, contact Maureen Sheehan at (206) 684-0302, and an application will be mailed to you or you can pick one up at Seattle Department of Neighborhoods in Seattle City Hall, 600 Fourth Avenue, 2nd floor, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

To learn more about the Seattle Renter’s Commission, visit our website or call Maureen Sheehan at (206) 684-0302.

The City of Seattle is committed to promoting diversity in the city’s boards and commissions. Women, persons with disabilities, sexual and gender minorities, young persons, senior citizens, persons of color, and immigrants are encouraged to apply. The Seattle Renters’ Commission is one of three commissions managed by Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.

Free Prep Classes Happening in Ballard

Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can.

Ballard West Woodland Ready Good NeighborAfter an earthquake, first responders may be overwhelmed and residents will be called on to assist those in their community.  This could include light search and rescue activities, or providing basic first aid.

The Seattle Office of Emergency Management (OEM) wants to help you prepare.  Below are a several FREE classes, hosted by OEM, and happening right here in Ballard.


Event #1: Disaster Book Club & Survival Class

“Join us for our March 2018 Disaster Book Club event! In February, we will read Cormac McCarthey’s Pulitzer Prize-winning post-apocalyptic novel, “The Road.”

We’ll be hosting a one-time only Apocalypse Survival Class. This class will feature:
– Assembling an apocalypse-proof bug out bag
– Emergency water purification methods (urban & wilderness)
– Constructing an emergency debris shelter (urban & wilderness)
– Constructing an emergency sanitation device (urban)
– Identifying edible plants in the area (urban)
– Basic orienteering skills (urban)

Due to distressing content, this novel is not recommended for children under the age 16.”

Date:  Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Time: 6:00 – 7:30 pm
Location:  Ballard Library, 5614 22nd Ave NW

Event #2:  Disaster Skills, Light Search & Rescue (RSVP Required)


This training provides an overview of light search and rescue skills and basic rescuer safety. When first responders are overwhelmed, residents may apply some of these techniques to help those around them in need.

This Workshop covers the following topics:
-Rescuer safety
-Basic search techniques
-Basic rescue techniques (lifts, carries,

Date:  Thursday, May 17, 2018
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Location:  West Woodland Elementary School, 5601 4th Ave NW

Event #3:  Disaster Skills Workshop (RSVP Required)


This workshop provides training on key skills needed after a disaster and more in depth instruction on key preparedness actions.

This Workshop covers the following topics:
-Fire Extinguisher Use
-Utility Control
-Water Storage and Emergency

Date:  Thursday, June 14, 2018
Time: 5:30 -7:30 pm
Location:  West Woodland Elementary School, 5601 4th Ave NW

Getting Connected To The Community

Looking to connect? You’re in luck! Ballard‘s West Woodland neighborhood is home to several community organizations and special interest groups. Whether you’re looking to connect online, or in-person, there’s a group for you! Here are a few of our favorites:

Connect Online!

West Woodland Neighborhood Facebook Group:  This group is open to residents, small business owners, and local school employees (West Woodland Elementary, Saint Alphonsus School, Roots Academy, Kids Inc., Woodland Preschool, Zoom Language Academy). Join here:

Halibutflats Neighbors: A hyper-local group for those who live near NW 50th Street & 6th Ave NW. Join here:

Gilman Park Neighborhood Watch: For those who live around Gilman Playground. Join here:

Ballard West Woodland neighborhood

Connect In Person!

East Ballard Community Association: Get active! Improve the community and connect face-to-face with folks nearby. Website:

Sweet Justice Ballard: A grassroots social justice group actively doing good in the community. Join here:

Greater Ballard Arts:  Support local artists!  Help advertise, locate venues, sponsor a Ballard Night Out show!  Find them online:


Connect By Interest!

Gilman Park Dogs: Connect with other dog owners who visit West Woodland’s BEST green space – Gilman Playground!  Join here:

Stumbletown Artists Trunk Show: A way for local, small-scale artists and craftspeople to show and sell their work. Connect on Facebook:

Buy Nothing West Woodland:  Are you a fan of the three R’s?  Buy Nothing West Woodland will help you Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle while building friendships and having fun! Select group based on your address:


Did we miss your favorite group? Let us know! Comment below or email