Getting Connected To The Community

Looking to connect? You’re in luck! Ballard‘s West Woodland neighborhood is home to several community organizations and special interest groups. Whether you’re looking to connect online, or in-person, there’s a group for you! Here are a few of our favorites:

Connect Online!

West Woodland Neighborhood Facebook Group:  This group is open to residents, small business owners, and local school employees (West Woodland Elementary, Saint Alphonsus School, Roots Academy, Kids Inc., Woodland Preschool, Zoom Language Academy). Join here:

Halibutflats Neighbors: A hyper-local group for those who live near NW 50th Street & 6th Ave NW. Join here:

Gilman Park Neighborhood Watch: For those who live around Gilman Playground. Join here:

Ballard West Woodland neighborhood

Connect In Person!

East Ballard Community Association: Get active! Improve the community and connect face-to-face with folks nearby. Website:

Sweet Justice Ballard: A grassroots social justice group actively doing good in the community. Join here:

Greater Ballard Arts:  Support local artists!  Help advertise, locate venues, sponsor a Ballard Night Out show!  Find them online:


Connect By Interest!

Gilman Park Dogs: Connect with other dog owners who visit West Woodland’s BEST green space – Gilman Playground!  Join here:

Stumbletown Artists Trunk Show: A way for local, small-scale artists and craftspeople to show and sell their work. Connect on Facebook:

Buy Nothing West Woodland:  Are you a fan of the three R’s?  Buy Nothing West Woodland will help you Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle while building friendships and having fun! Select group based on your address:


Did we miss your favorite group? Let us know! Comment below or email

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