Vote for the Best Urban Street Redesign of 2018!

StreetsBlog USA wants you to vote for the BEST Urban Street Design of 2018.  In the running you’ll find Ballard’s Gemenskap Park, located along 14th Ave NW in Ballard’s West Woodland neighborhood.  SDOT’s Dongho Chang submitted the nomination and Gemenskap Park has made the top five, competing against projects from as far away as Memphis, Tennessee.

Message from Dawn Hemminger, East Ballard Community Association:

“We need your help to spread the word quickly and to get people to vote for ‘Seattle’ by Jan 2. Can you help us do that? Vote and share with friends, family, coworkers, other organizations, etc.”

Now it’s your turn neighbors! Get busy sharing this blog post with your social media contacts and please vote by Wednesday, January 2nd.

Vote Here:

Gemenskap Park Dongho Chang Ballard West Woodland

Photo of Gemenskap Park, courtesy Dongho Chang, Seattle Department of Transportation.  

2 thoughts on “Vote for the Best Urban Street Redesign of 2018!

  1. The Seattle design is the most impressive compared to the other entries.

    Safety in the area was achieved with slowing of traffic which was the top concern. But the project went beyond that increasing its multifuntional usage with the wastewater treatment design. Putting the drainage area between people using the park and the road increases safety.

    The use of the plants in the drainage echoes the park’s greenspace, attracts birds, butterflies and insects while doing triple duty using the water to grow and filter the water while slowing run-off into the drains.

    I had my reservations that this park would render this important arterial for cars useless but my experience driving on it with the new park has proved me wrong.

    This was quite a brilliant piece of design for how it took into account the needs of multiple stakeholders while also serving different functions.

    Hopefully, others may come to similar conclusions and vote Seattle’s design the top one.

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