For Sale: 6415 8th Ave NW 

CHOICE DELI Ballard West Woodland
Photo of Choice Deli & Grocery, located at 6415 8th Ave NW in Ballard’s West Woodland neighborhood.  

It’s easy to miss the For Sale sign posted on the northside of Choice Deli & Grocery, located at 8th Ave NW and NW 65th Street. Tucked up on the NW corner of the building, you could pass by the sign a dozen times, like I did, before even noticing the announcement.

After an observant neighbor asked about the property,  I called the shop and spoke with an employee who told me that the business wasn’t closing. Choice Deli & Grocery has a lease until 2026, so future owners will benefit from a revenue generating rental agreement.

Choice Deli & Grocery has been under the same ownership for the past 15 years, and recently reinvented itself as a beer stop with teriyaki and other quick eats. Ballard neighbors have enjoyed the expanded food and beer offerings, as well as the family friendly summer block parties, which have included live music and ice-cream. Check out a few past posts about the expansion HERE.

Interested in buying the property? It could be yours for $1,950,000. Property details, courtesy Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services, available HERE and in this supplemental document: Choice Deli and Grocery

Thank you to Megan M. For the tip! If you see something happening in the neighborhood, send me an email at


The Buzz: Beekeeping in Ballard

Guest Post By Jason Kardong, Woodland Bee Company,

Woodland_Bee_Company_LogoBeekeeping has become a very popular hobby in the U.S., especially in cities like Seattle and Portland where it’s not only legal to keep bees in your yard, but encouraged. Many people undertake this extremely joyful undertaking, but many people fail. Not out of lack of desire or love, but because there are many aspects of beekeeping that require attention and detail.

What Does Beekeeping Entail? Anyone can keep bees, all you need is a spacious yard, some equipment, and a passion to help struggling bee colonies. Seattle allows you up to four hives in your yard, but most new keepers opt for two. I can help you get all this started, from selecting books, to buying equipment, to installing your bees! It’s all part of a service I offer.

Bee Packages. Ok, after setting up your hive(s), you now need bees!! Most new beekeepers opt to buy what’s called “package bees”, which is three pounds of bees (that come in a special box) that will be moved into your hive. Typically packages are available from April until May and once they are gone, you have to wait another year. We sell these packages in limited numbers, and can even help you install them.


Jason tending his downtown Seattle hives.

Colony Collapse, Parasites, Diseases! There are plenty of things that can kill or weaken bees. Fungus, varroa mites, sicknesses all can quickly kill a colony. A skilled beekeeper can keep an eye out for signs and make necessary corrections. Working with an experienced beekeeper can expedite your learning, so find an experienced mentor!

Consultation. New and even experienced beekeepers need help from time to time. If you have questions or concerns about your hive, let us know and we can come out to consult.

Hosting. Because some people would like to keep bees, but either do not have the time or resources, Woodland Bee Company offers a hosting program where we place bees into your yard and take care of all aspects! We charge a service fee that goes directly to serving the bees in your yard.


Jason at work in Ballard

Swarms….. May and June is swarm season. Don’t be scared if you see one, but rather enjoy the sight, from a distance. It may look scary, but it’s really not. If you do have a swarm, we can come collect it and rehome the bees in a new hive, thus giving them a wonderful chance to live another year.

Honey?? Did you know most of the honey you buy in the grocery store is not “real” honey? Most of it is fake or substitute. The best way to ensure you get real honey is to buy from a beekeeper. Yes, we can help you with that, let us know if you’d like 100% pure honey.

Ballard West Woodland Bee Company Jason_At_His_Ballard_Backyard_Apiary

Jason Kardong, Owner

About Jason Kardong

After keeping bees in my West Woodland yard in Ballard, then working at Ballard Bee Company for some years, I started my own beekeeping company, eventually named Woodland Bee Company. I have bees in over 20 different yards across Ballard, as well as at Google, Pacific Science Center and on the Columbia Center downtown.

I love my bees, love my hosts and love spreading the word and am certified with the state of Washington and Montana as a beekeeper. When not keeping bees I’m active in the Ballard music community and can often be seen getting dragged around West Woodland with my black lab Simon.

Find Jason Online

Bee Plus Honey LLC |
Woodland Bee Co |
EMail | 


The Ballard Alliance, formerly Ballard Chamber of Commerce, works to ensure Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood remains a unique and economically vital community for its visitors, residents, businesses, and property owners. As a community partner, they continuously encourage improvements within our neighborhood and business districts.

One improvement program, created to tackle the litter issue affecting our neighborhood, is a litter abatement program which recently kicked-off near the breweries.

From the Ballard Alliance:

“The city of Seattle is trying out ways to tackle the litter issues that affect many Seattle neighborhoods. They recently partnered with the Ballard Alliance looking for key areas to focus on in Ballard. Their first round of cleanups were in West Woodland focusing on our Ballard Brewery District.”


Thank you to the Ballard Alliance and Ballard Brewery partners for supporting this litter abatement program.  The program will make our streets and sidewalks safe for those who live, work, and play in Ballard’s Brewery District.

Read the full newsletter here:

Join the Ballard Alliance!

Membership in the Ballard Alliance provides an opportunity to promote your business or organization, keep informed about important events and issues, participate in B2B networking events and engage on broader community issues and initiatives.

Learn more here:

Ballard West Woodland Litter Clean Up


Fourth Annual Rollerskating for Cheetahs Fundraiser

Ballard west woodland joris

Remember Joris Hutchison, the amazing young boy who won a $5,000 prize and donated it all to support cheetah research, ( Joris, and his Mom, Corine Boekee, invite you to join them for some Earth Day rollerskating fun!

This event is a fundraiser for cheetah conservation efforts in Namibia, and 100% of proceeds will be used for human-carnivore conflict mitigation efforts by the N/a’an ku sê team.

Here’s more from his Mom, Carine.

Dear neighbors,

Most of you already know that Joris (who just turned 11) has been dedicated to help save cheetahs from going extinct since he was 6 years old.

We are holding the annual Rollerskating for Cheetahs fundraiser this year on Earth Day, April 22 and you (and your friends and family) are of course invited again to come join!

Time: 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Location: Southgate Roller Rink, 9646 17th Ave SW
Price: $15 per person

We’ll also have food, drinks and a raffle or auction (if you or your business would be interested in donating contributions for this, please let me know, the organization has 501c3 non-profit status)

It’s been a busy year for Joris. He decided he wanted to focus more on outreach and raising awareness, while still doing the occasional fundraising. You can now follow his efforts online:
kids4cheetahs on Instagram
kids4cheetahs on Facebook

Beyond an online presence, being selected for the Gloria Barron Prize in 2017 has also allowed him to raise awareness through tv and magazine interviews (he’ll be featured in the upcoming Time for Kids issue), a full-school presentation at assembly, and his efforts will be featured in a kids’ book coming out in December! He is also forming a partnership with the conservation department at the zoo here, which is exciting.

Thank you for your support! If you can’t make it out to the event, sharing and inviting others who might be interested in going would really help Joris out, because success is dependent on people actually showing up.

Thank you!

Spring Clean 2018

Ballard West Woodland Spring Clean

Spring is here! And with it comes Spring Clean, a community cleanup program supported by Seattle Public Utilities.

Spring Clean, now in its 32nd year, runs from April 1 through May 31. During this time, Seattle residents—neighbors, volunteer groups, community organizations—come together to keep Seattle clean and vibrant. Activities include picking up litter, stenciling storm drains to prevent water pollution, painting out graffiti, and removing invasive plants. Seattle Public Utilities supports volunteers by providing free tools like garbage bags, gloves, garbage grabbers, safety vests, paint supplies, and waste disposal.

Ready to join? Then gather your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors, or go solo—there’s no minimum or maximum group size. Register online or call (206) 233-7187.

Spring Clean is a partnership between Seattle residents and Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, and Seattle Department of Transportation. All Spring Clean projects must be conducted on public property.

If you snap any photos, tag us on Twitter and Facebook!

Reprint from Seattle Public Utilities, dated March 26, 2018, and available here.


The Story Behind Those Beautiful Blooms On 8th Ave NW

Over the weekend, the West Woodland, Ballard Blog received a message:

“…do you know the story behind all the daffodils on 8th Avenue?”

Spring has sprung and several blocks of the 8th Ave NW median, just north of NW 65th Street, are awash in bright yellow daffodils.  It is a stunning scene for those of us who live in the neighborhood, but there is a profound story behind those beautiful blooms.

Ballard West Woodland 2018-03-19 11.20.19-1

I remember hearing the reason many years ago, but didn’t have the details, so I turned to The Seattle Times archive for an answer.

Below is a screenshot of an article dated October 18, 1993 that explains why the flowers were planted.  You can read the full story, by Seattle Times columnist Diedtra Henderson, online at,

Ballard West Woodland 8th Ave NW Daffodil 02

Screenshot of story courtesy The Seattle Times

Ballard neighbors asked to help decide how the city spends $3M

Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks & Streets

Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks & Streets is a participatory budgeting initiative in which Seattle residents democratically decide how to spend a portion of the City’s budget on small-scale park and street improvements. A total of $3 million has been allocated in the 2018 budget and residents can participate in the district where they live, work, go to school, receive services, or volunteer.

You can get involved by attending one of the project development meetings happening throughout the city. These meetings are simply conversations with neighbors about submitted project ideas in your community. Participants will discuss the projects in small groups and then individually score ideas based on physical need and community benefit.

Share your opinion and help Seattle Department of Neighborhoods identify the strongest ideas for park and street improvements.


Date: THURSDAY, MARCH 15, 2018
Time: 5:30 – 7:30PM
Location: Ballard Branch Library, 5614 22nd Ave NW

Event Details:


These are the ideas that will be considered during the 2018 Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks and Street Development Process,


Information about the “Your Voice, Your Choice” program can be found online at,

Ballard West Woodland Your Voice Your Choice

Screenshot of Project Idea Map