5th Ave NW Summertime Kick-Off Block Party

SDOT Block partyThe first block party of the season is happening this Saturday, June 11, and you’re invited!  5th Ave NW neighbors, between NW 60th & NW 62nd Streets, are organizing a family friendly summer get-together for all West Woodland, Ballard Neighbors.  Expect to see LIVE music, lawn games, and more!  Please bring a pot-luck item to share!

Date:  Saturday, June 11, 2016
Time:  2:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Location:  5th Ave NW, between NW 60th & NW 62nd Streets
Event Details:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1139528482734374/

Help Wanted!

Donations of the following are gladly welcomed: paper products, compostable utensils, gas grill (just for the day), banquet tables, tablecloths.  Cash donations are also greatly appreciated!


If you have questions about the event, or how to help, please contact:

  • Alex: olka2a@yahoo.com or 631-880-9836
  • Gwynne:  gwynnes@gmail.com or 603-828-5058


Hub Drills Happening In Ballard & Phinney On June 11

What is your community doing to prepare for a major disaster?  On Saturday, June 11 between 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, join your neighbors in a simulated earthquake response drill at one of the Seattle Emergency Communications Hubs.

Volunteers, or Citizen Actors, are needed to assist with the drill.  If interested, arrive early and check in with the Hub Coordinator  These activities are designed to help you learn how you can be ready to help in the event of a disaster!

Participating Hub Drill Locations In NW Seattle:

Ballard Commons Park
5701 22nd Ave NW
9:30 am – 11:30 am

Ballard Shilshole Marina
7001 Seaview Ave NW
9:00 am – 11:00 am

Broadview Lutheran Memorial Church
13047 Greenwood Ave N
9:00 am – 11:00 am

Phinney Community Center
6532 Phinney Avenue N
10:00 am – 11:30 am

Additional Information:  

A detailed map of all drill locations and specific times is available on the main page of Seattle Emergency Communications Hubs.


Vote For Your Favorites In The BEST Of West Woodland – Neighbor’s Choice Awards

BEST of - new FB Logo - blue pic background finalYou know that breakfast spot where you always take visiting friends, or that coffee shop you love to relax at? It’s time to show your favorite local spots some love by voting for them in The Best of West Woodland – Neighbor’s Choice Awards!

The BEST of West Woodland – Neighbor’s Choice Awards wants your help in recognizing THE BEST businesses, non-profits, and more in West Woodland, Ballard!

The Best of West Woodland – Neighbor’s Choice Awards contest is asking YOU, the reader, to nominate your favorite businesses, non-profits, and more in West Woodland, Ballard in categories such as pet friendly, new restaurant, health, fitness, beauty, and more!

Now is the time to vote!
Voting is open from June 6 – July 7, 2016.
Click HERE to Vote!

The contest takes place online only. The top business, non-profit, and more nominated in each category will be considered the winner.  The winners will be announced July 2016 in a special announcement on West Woodland, Ballard Neighborhood Blog.

Nomination Eligibility:  

Any business located in or owned by someone who lives in the West Woodland Neighborhood of Ballard is eligible to be nominated for this award. A map of the West Woodland neighborhood is available here: http://goo.gl/mxPyrt

Not sure who to vote for?  

Take a look at the West Woodland Neighborhood Business Directory to help chose the BEST of West Woodland. If you don’t see your favorite business listed, let us know by emailing westwoodlandneighbors@gmail.com.

Please contact westwoodlandneighbors@gmail.com.

Free Fishing Weekend Happening June 11-12

fishing 01Free Fishing Weekend” is June 11-12, 2016, when fishing licenses are not required of anyone to fish in Washington State. Free Fishing Weekend in Washington State is an annual event that takes place the first weekend after the first Monday in June.

Remember – all other rules still apply, including seasons, area and lure or bait restrictions, and size and catch limits. Catch Record Cards (first one is free) are required to fish for salmon, sturgeon, steelhead, and halibut. Please see the Fishing Regulation Pamphlet below for all rules and restrictions.

Where to go in Seattle:

1. Elliott Bay Fishing Pier at Terminal 86: The pier is known to be prime for catching salmon, rockfish, lingcod, squid and Dungeness crab and offers covered cleaning stations and amazing views of the city. 

2. Green Lake ParkFish for trout, carp and catfish, among other finned fare year-round at this North Seattle favorite.

3. Mount Baker ParkFun family fishing from the shores of Lake Washington. There’s also a playground and a beach when your ready for a break.

4. Seacrest ParkLocated on the West Seattle waterfront, this park boasts some of the best views of Seattle. It’s also a great spot for fishing and has a nearby boathouse.

5. Belvoir Place:  This is a small dock on Lake Union in Laurelhurst. The location is quiet and grassy, perfect place for a first time fishing adventure.

Water Safety Reminder:

Safety First! Whenever you are participating in a water activity or sport, wear a life jacket. Whether your in a boat or playing on the shore, a life jacket is critical, especially for young children.  Click HERE for a list of affordable & FREE loaner jackets.

Push to connect Ballard Greenway & Burke-Gilman

SDOT is considering the installation of a new pedestrian signal at 15th Ave NW and NW 53rd Street as part of an effort to connect Ballard’s new 17th Ave NW Greenway and the Burke-Gilman Trail.  This new signal would create a dignified way for residents to access bus stops, parks, and medical care without needing to travel up to a 1/2 a mile out of their way to find a safe crossing.

The West Woodland Neighborhood Association supports the addition of a pedestrian signal at NW 53rd Street and 15th Ave NW.  The new crossing would provide our neighborhood with many benefits, including:

  1. Ease of access to amenities in the core of Ballard such as, medical care, community and cultural events, parks, and commercial interests.
  2. Provide a safe connection for pedestrians and cyclists to travel from the Burke-Gilman Trail to the 17th Ave NW Greenway.
  3. Create an opportunity for small business owners in Ballard’s Brewery District to participate in events such as Ballard Art Walk, Ballard Jazz Festival, and more.

NW 53rd Street Pedestrian Crossing supports safe transit for pedestrians traveling between Ballard’s core and Gilman Park.

As our community members age, the creation of safe crossings will become more critical. We can not expect older adults, persons with disabilities, or caregivers with children in tow to walk the same distance as an able-bodied person.  While it may be easy for you to get around today, we’re all growing older and need to be thinking about how we will navigate the neighborhood in our golden years.

There is also the added advantage of connecting a divided Ballard.  15th Ave NW is a divide, separating Ballard into east/ west corridors.  One consequence of this division is that events such as the Ballard Art Walk and Ballard Jazz Festival tend to stay on one side of town.  Rarely do Ballard area community events cross over into the West Woodland Neighborhood.  Adding a safe crossing at NW 53rd Street will create better pedestrian access and encourage more business participation.


The proposed Pedestrian Crossing at NW 53rd Street would be similar to the one currently in use at NW 58th Street and 15th Ave NW.

Support the NW 53rd Street Crosswalk:

If you are a business owner or resident, you can write SDOT and let them know you support the proposed crossing at NW 53rd Street and 15th Ave NW.  We have created a letter for you too, just fill-in a couple items and email to one of the addresses below.

Letters of support should be emailed to West Woodland Neighborhood Association at: westwoodlandneighbors@gmail.com or SDOT at:  Summer.Jawson@Seattle.gov




Fatality following crash on NW Market Street

UPDATE 05/31/2016:  From the Seattle Police Department Blotter

Driver arrested for vehicular homicide after passenger killed in crash near 55th & Market this weekend in West Woodland, Ballard.  Police evaluated the 22-year-old male driver of the first vehicle, and found signs of impairment. He was arrested and taken to Harborview for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. He will booked into the King County Jail for investigation of vehicular homicide upon his release from the hospital.

You can read the full release here:  http://spdblotter.seattle.gov/2016/05/31/driver-arrested-after-fatal-ballard-collision/

Original Post 05/29/2016:

For those who live near the east end of NW Market Street, between 4th Ave NW & 6th Ave NW, you know how dangerous these intersections can be for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. Cars fail to stop at the crosswalk used daily by West Woodland Elementary students, blowing right through the red light even with a crossing guard present.

map 01

Location of today’s early morning car crash was near NW Market Street & NW 55th Street.

Neighbors have contacted SDOT asking for help, but the response has been limited. Today we are saddened to find out that an early morning crash has lead to the death of one person.

This stretch of roadway is a documented safety concern in our neighborhood. How many more crashes or injuries or deaths will it take until corrections are made?

Story Here:  http://komonews.com/news/local/1-dies-following-head-on-crash-in-seattle


West Woodland Neighborhood Meeting

meetingPUBLIC NOTICE: Please be aware that we are working with the Seattle Police Department and King County Sexual Assault Resource Center to schedule a neighborhood meeting regarding the recent conviction and potential return of one resident to his home near West Woodland Elementary School.

It is important that you attend this meeting. This will be your opportunity to speak directly with law enforcement, ask questions, and learn how to discuss this sensitive topic with your family.

We anticipate the meeting will occur in the next 14 days, please check this site for additional information early next week.

From the Seattle Police Department website:


Information on sex and kidnapping offenders is released in accordance with the Revised Code of Washington, section 4.24.550; the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registration Act, 42 USC 14071; the Washington State Supreme Court decision State v. Ward 123 Wn.2d 488; and the US Supreme Court decision in Connecticut Dept. of Public Safety v. Doe, 538 U.S. 1 (2003); which authorizes law enforcement agencies to inform the public of a sex or kidnapping offenders release when the release of information will enhance public safety and protection.

Individuals who appear in these databases have been convicted of sex or kidnapping offenses that require registration with the sheriff’s office in the county of their residence. Further, their previous criminal history places them in a classification level, which reflects the potential to re-offend.

All of the offenders on this site are a level 2 (moderate risk) or level 3 (high risk). Approximately 70 percent of sex offenders are level 1 (low risk) and are not subject to proactive community notification.

These sex or kidnapping offenders have served the sentence imposed on them by the courts and have advised the King County Sheriff’s Department that they will be living within the city limits of Seattle. They are not wanted by the police.


Sex and kidnapping offenders have always lived in our communities; but it wasn’t until passage of the Community Protection Act of 1990 (which mandates sex and kidnapping offender registration) that law enforcement even knew where they were living. In many cases, law enforcement is now able to share that information with you. This information is not intended to increase fear. Rather, it is our belief that an informed public is a safer public.

The Seattle Police Department has no legal authority to direct where a sex or kidnapping offender may or may not live. Unless court ordered restrictions exist, this offender is constitutionally free to live wherever he or she chooses.

Citizen abuse of this information to threaten, intimidate or harass registered sex or kidnapping offenders will not be tolerated. Further, such abuse could potentially end law enforcement’s ability to do community notifications. We believe the only person who wins if community notification ends is the sex or kidnapping offender, since they derive their power through secrecy.

If you have questions or need to talk to someone in the Seattle Police Department Sex and Kidnapping Offender Detail, please call 206-684-5332.


On March 10, 2009, Governor Christine Gregoire announced a new statewide sex offender database. This database links all information on sex offenders into one centralized location, and is maintained through the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC).

Access the database HERE.

Spring Clean NW 65th Street!

SPRING CLEAN 2016 banner 02

Join your neighbors for West Woodland’s annual Spring Clean on NW 65th Street.

Meet at Cafe Bambino, 405 NW 65th Street, at 9:00 am and then head off in groups as we help improve the neighborhood by picking up litter on NW 65th, from 3rd Ave NW to 8th Ave NW.

Please bring:
1. Gloves
2. Pickers
3. Wagons — to carry full garbage bag

We will provide bags, vests, and lot’s of fun! Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the event date.

Difficult Conversations

001On Monday, March 21st, students arriving for class at Whittier Elementary School were greeted by graffiti that was both sexist & racists. Today, The Stranger reported that a Greenwood family woke to find a racial slur spray painted on the side of their vehicle. What’s going on here?

West Woodland has seen it’s own share of sexist, racist, and profane graffiti. Last August someone used chalk to tag the elementary school playground with racist language and phallic symbols. The neighborhood was outraged, and we wondered what could we do.

It’s often hard to talk about race, especially when you’re an individual who identifies as white. The Phinney Neighborhood Association is hosting a series of FREE conversations for neighbors to attend. The next class is happening on April 20th, learn more here:http://www.phinneycenter.org/conversations/index.html

They Wanna Rock… Help make it happen!


2016 School of Rock Band

An talented group of kids from the Seattle School of Rock (SOR) will be representing Washington State at SummerFest 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The group consists of 11 local teens, including one West Woodland Neighbor, Eli Bolan.

The group is planning a tour of Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin from July 7th – 11th, but they need your help to make this trip happen.  The band has put together a GoFundMe account, asking friends, neighbors, and music lovers to chip in and help make their dream come true.  Click HERE to donate!

What will donations cover?

Donations will help cover the expense of transportation, lodging and group fees – about $3,000 per person. While this is a SOR organized event, the kids are responsible for organizing travel and fundraising. These expenses are not only for the families, but are fees associated with SOR and an instructor that will be travelling together. The band as well as the parents, appreciate your support.

This year’s SOR band includes:

~ Emmett Lucas – guitar/bass
~ Eli Bolan – drums
~ Lucas Mabry-Smith – drums/vocals
~ Mira Fogelsonger – vocals/keys
~ Henry Gilchrest – guitar
~ Christian Hutter – guitar
~ Gwen Meyers – bass
~ Max Pennington – bass/guitar
~ Owen Selwyn – vocals/guitar
~ Lukas Svetich – guitar
~ Harold Wilkinson – vocals

About SummerFest 2016:

Summerfest 2016 is the worlds largest music festival and these kids will be sharing the same stage with acts like Buddy Guy, Flaming Lips, Public Enemy, The Kooks and even Paris Hilton DJ’ing – Yup, you read that right, but don’t let that stop you from donating. Click HERE to donate.