SOLD: The Nick Property

The Nick Property, consisting of two lots located at 607 & 615 NW 65th Street, has been sold to Western Front Properties L.L.C. for $1,320,000. The deal signed in November 2015, includes a total of 4,250 square feet, most of which borders NW 65th Street.  The real estate transaction was completed with the support of Hawley Real Estate, located at 5600 14th Avenue NW in the West Woodland Neighborhood of Ballard.

Nick Property

The Nick Property has sat vacant for eight years, after Nicks’ Boats and Motors closed in 2007.   For 50 years Nicks’ Boats and Motors sold boats, fuel and provided vessel repair services at this location. The building that once sat on the lot was demolished in 2008 and subsequent environmental testing showed soil contamination which the Nick family has spent years working to address.  MyBallard story about Nicks’ Boats & Motors closing available here.

New Business

The million dollar question… what will be opening here?  For the present time, the owners would like to keep that under wraps.  They anticipate an announcement happening shortly after the beginning of the new year.

The buyer is planning on using the space for their personal business.  No housing would be included in the build out.  The lot is zoned “NC2P-30”, Neighborhood Commercial 2, Pedestrian Designation Zone, 30 feet height limit.  See chart below for additional description.  Full document available here.

Zoning - nick property.jpg



The new property owner is in the final stages of another major project here in Seattle and build out of the NW 65th Street parcel is anticipated to start in Spring 2017.  For the next year, neighbors will see some activity on the lot, as the owner will be using the location for occasional, temporary storage of commercial equipment.

The Final Nick Lot

The second lot the Nick Family owns, on the SW corner of 7th Ave NW and NW 65th Street, is not for sale and continues to be leased by the Goodwill for parking.