Hey SDOT… Make 6th Ave NW a Safe Routes to School

Another weekend, another car crash on NW Market Street. For those who live near the east end of Market, between 4th Ave NW & 6th Ave NW, you know how dangerous these intersections can be for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. Cars fail to stop at the crosswalk used daily by West Woodland Elementary students, blowing right through the red light even with a crossing guard present.

2016 June 11 - accident at 6th and market

Car crash near 6th Ave NW & NW Market Street on Saturday, June 11, 2016

What is the problem?

6th Ave NW could be a well loved street for families to walk and bike to school and to the Burke Gilman Trail, but it has dangerous intersections to cross – like NW Market Street – that needs to be fixed.

Who is involved?

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is working to empower Ballard Greenways, Greenwood-Phinney Greenways, Fremont Greenways, and residents of the West Woodland Neighborhood in Ballard.

Get Involved!

February 2016 Ballard District Council approved Neighborhood Park & Street Fund money for intersection safety improvements at 6th NW and NW 65th. We need your support to make changes at 6th Ave NW & NW Market Street. Tell Seattle Department of Transportation to make 6th Ave NW a Safe Routes to School.

Add Your Name Here: https://secure.lglforms.com/form_engine/s/ce1jATrg0w3AjZL1y6sq2Q

Push to connect Ballard Greenway & Burke-Gilman

SDOT is considering the installation of a new pedestrian signal at 15th Ave NW and NW 53rd Street as part of an effort to connect Ballard’s new 17th Ave NW Greenway and the Burke-Gilman Trail.  This new signal would create a dignified way for residents to access bus stops, parks, and medical care without needing to travel up to a 1/2 a mile out of their way to find a safe crossing.

The West Woodland Neighborhood Association supports the addition of a pedestrian signal at NW 53rd Street and 15th Ave NW.  The new crossing would provide our neighborhood with many benefits, including:

  1. Ease of access to amenities in the core of Ballard such as, medical care, community and cultural events, parks, and commercial interests.
  2. Provide a safe connection for pedestrians and cyclists to travel from the Burke-Gilman Trail to the 17th Ave NW Greenway.
  3. Create an opportunity for small business owners in Ballard’s Brewery District to participate in events such as Ballard Art Walk, Ballard Jazz Festival, and more.

NW 53rd Street Pedestrian Crossing supports safe transit for pedestrians traveling between Ballard’s core and Gilman Park.

As our community members age, the creation of safe crossings will become more critical. We can not expect older adults, persons with disabilities, or caregivers with children in tow to walk the same distance as an able-bodied person.  While it may be easy for you to get around today, we’re all growing older and need to be thinking about how we will navigate the neighborhood in our golden years.

There is also the added advantage of connecting a divided Ballard.  15th Ave NW is a divide, separating Ballard into east/ west corridors.  One consequence of this division is that events such as the Ballard Art Walk and Ballard Jazz Festival tend to stay on one side of town.  Rarely do Ballard area community events cross over into the West Woodland Neighborhood.  Adding a safe crossing at NW 53rd Street will create better pedestrian access and encourage more business participation.


The proposed Pedestrian Crossing at NW 53rd Street would be similar to the one currently in use at NW 58th Street and 15th Ave NW.

Support the NW 53rd Street Crosswalk:

If you are a business owner or resident, you can write SDOT and let them know you support the proposed crossing at NW 53rd Street and 15th Ave NW.  We have created a letter for you too, just fill-in a couple items and email to one of the addresses below.

Letters of support should be emailed to West Woodland Neighborhood Association at: westwoodlandneighbors@gmail.com or SDOT at:  Summer.Jawson@Seattle.gov